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Health through Imagery presents photographic images that are associated with simple, positive health messages as its central strategy. This strategy is based on research that links environmental design with improved health outcomes as well as the principles of social marketing, which uses lessons learned from advertising and marketing, but applies them to promoting health rather than to selling a specific product.

The Health through Imagery program includes four components:

1. Health promotion and advocacy- building health through imagery and
positive messages. Health promotion and education messages provided to the public and patients based on up-to-date research.

2. Images for health. Artwork selected and placed in health care and community settings to promote health and augment prevention and treatment strategies. We work with doctors, nurses, patients and community members to select and provide art for specific places where the impact of visual images can facilitate a positive experience and improved health outcomes.

3. Training and education for community members and health staff

4. Mechanisms to enhance community involvement and outreach

Health through Imagery aims to energize and transform the conversation about health so that we are talking more about health and less about disease and money. We need to encourage full community participation and better questions. The program is based on the idea that health and wellness are created in communities, an idea that is supported by extensive medical, sociological, psychological, and biological research.

The images used in Health through Imagery are familiar, local, and upbeat, and their accompanying messages encourage humor, resilience, good will, and other positive associations. The images and messages address compelling scientific information about the forces that influence health, including the importance of social, cultural, and political forces, as well as more the familiar biomedical and behavioral risks such as smoking, cholesterol, and exercise.

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Pease explore some of the health through imagery pictures and messages and contact us if you are interested in our research or the images or to ask any questions.

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