We have undertaken the following special projects:

  • Mother-Daughter Press contributed a photograph to the non-profit Arts-vs-Oil response to the Gulf Oil “Spill” organized by artist Paul Jackson.

  • We have contributed our images and our expertise to the benefit of two separate science education School Classprojects.  We have provided images, ideas and research to a first grade class in urban Chicago. Teacher Elizabeth Tolmach writes, “I've been reading Charlotte's Web to the students at the end of the day.  I've found the pictures from your website immensely helpful-- thank you!!  I want my students to be able to picture farm life, since it is so far from their daily life experience.  Of course, one of the wonderful things about chapter books is creating the pictures in your head, so I don't overload them with photos, but I want them to know what a trough, a pig, a barn, a goose look like." Mother-Daughter Press has also helped teachers and families create learning materials for an online homeschool network.
  • A collection of photographs selected for permanent display in the new Marriott Hotel in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Exhibits at Montminy Art Gallery and Daniel Boone Regional Library, both in Columbia, Missouri.

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