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                THE ARTIST IN WORDS

Gay had wonderful friends, women and men of all ages and types. She reveled in their differences and her chance to see the world from their point of view. When she was ready to be social, she loved one-on-one time with people and each of us knew or touched a different part of her, and ourselves, when we were with her.

At her memorial service we asked for "stories" of Gay and we share them here with permission.

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Avian Water Yoga: Baltimore Oriole in striking orange and yellow feather suit with silver water shoes demonstrating the first part of the sun salute.

         THINGS I LEARNED FROM GAY - By Fran Pope

-Go for anything you want. But be realistic
-Make yourself happy. You can’t make anyone else happy unless you are happy
-Respect, love, appreciate, truly see and communicate with Nature
-Say what you mean and mean what you say. But don’t just talk to hear your own voice. Listen too- and I mean REALLY listen.
-Stand up for what you believe in, but don’t dilute it with petty personal judgments
-How to garden
-Placing a rock in the right place in a garden can make a successful, fulfilled day.
-When you have a friend, make that a special personal private place just between the two of you and honor it as the gift it is.
-Conquer your fears
-See the beauty of what is right in front of you and quit looking around the corner for something better
-That the best place on Earth to be is with yourself. Anything else is icing on the cake.
-There is joy everywhere if you look for it and recognize it. Joy in single flower and joy in an entire forest.
-Whining does not help nor is it productive
-Keep learning everyday. There is always room to grow
-Have an open mind, but know wrong when you see it, research the issue and speak out with knowledge and confidence.
-If you don’t like the path you are on- GET OFF! Change paths.
-Wear bright colors




FOR GAY - By Libby Gill, September 22, 2002

In the beinning. . . there was love.

Life partners joined hands linking them forever in fresh new love.

The hands of an artist and the hands of a healer became one.

The compassionate healer's sensitive hands turned to art, skillfully creating masterful woodworking and frames for photos made by his beloved.

The healer's twinkling blue eyes, ready warm smile, and humble demeanor revealed a generous spirit, inviting friendship.

The healer had a lap just right for children, and a story to tell on the tip of his tongue. He had strong arms to embrace his treasure of endearment.




The artist planted gardens and created splendid images to brighten the days of untold numbers. Together the artist and the healer lived in their peaceful world, midst a bower of flowers, of woods, streams, and rocks, friendly animals and colorful birds.

The gifted photographer cared for her beloved with healing hands.

The artist's steadfast love and compassionate heart comforted her cherished partner.

The healer saved a special last gift for the one dearest to his heart.

Together the healer and the artist discovered the answer to the puzzle of life.

In the end. . .love prevails.